Earn Commissions on Shop Sales

Just like we offer revenue share to location owners, we want to reward the community, and our evangelists and influencers. Join the Omniscape™ Affiliate Program and earn commissions on all shop sales of location credits.

You must read and agree to the Terms of Service Agreement that contains all Terms and Conditions when you register.. Seriously. It is main requirement to join the Omniscape™ Affiliate Program. Plus it has details on payment, payout, and other important information.

Once you are registered, you begin to earn commissions on any referrals to the shop that purchase credits to buy locations. You also earn commissions on your referrals’s referrals that make purchases if they join the affiliate program as well.

The more referrals you make, the higher your commission %’s go. You also earn commissions down the line (up to a depth of five) as others join the Affiliate Program. And, the best part, is that you continue to earn commissions on your referrals, forever, each time they buy credits from the shop. 

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Multi-Tier Affiliates

Everyone wins. Five tiers makes it easy for anyone to benefit from referrals becoming affiliates, and extending this through a network.

It’s that simple. No complicated schemes, no pressure, no up-front costs. Just register, refer your friends, and use your affiliate link in your social media feeds.

Six Ranks – Higher Commissions

As your number of referrals that make purchases grows, you earn higher commissions. See the commission chart below.

Just registering puts you in the first tier. Ten referrals gets you to Rank 1 and higher commissions. Then 25 for Rank 2, and 50 for Rank 3. There are six ranks in total (including “Registered”), with commissions going as high as 20%.


As Omniscape™ grows, more users, content, and locations will draw more businesses and brands, dramatically increasing location value. This in turn increases demand for buying more locations in a “virtuous cycle”.

Our platform is designed for global scale growth and powering and monetizing the future of augmented reality and location for everyone.

Tier, Rank, and Commission


Don’t miss out on the XR future!

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