Welcome to Omniscape™

The first Metaverse platform to link physical to virtual and seamlessly blend AR and VR.

Whether you are a business or brand looking to step into the Metaverse and leverage new ways to connect and engage with consumers, a content creator interesting in creating new worlds and experiences in AR or VR, or a user ready to join the new digital nation, we have something for everyone.

We use Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), plus much more for the platform and solutions.

Omniscape™ is developed by Transmira.

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Physical to Digital and Real to Virtual

Monetization : Patented Virtual Goods Technology

We use patented technology to link 3D objects (NFTs, digital collectibles, virtual goods) to physical objects, goods, and services in the real world, creating real value and utility for the foundation of commerce and the new Metaverse economy. Discover and collect branded 3D objects anywhere in the world in AR or VR and redeem for real products, merchandise, special offers, and much more.

Everything is on blockchain for security, validation, provenance, and verified ownership.

AR / VR Seamless Blend

Smashing the Metaverse 4th Wall

Imagine exploring a digital twin of a real city, anywhere in the world, through VR and interacting with people actually there, but who are using mobile AR. You see their avatars in VR, and they see your Avatar like a hologram in mobile AR.

Our patented technology makes it possible for mobile AR users at a location to interact with remote users in 3D/VR through digital twins for the first time, ever. This opens up a tremendous amount of new capabilities, ways to communicate and collaborate, commerce, and interactions. Borders and distance will no longer be relevant or limiting.

Unlimited Worlds

Unlimited Potential

Omniscape™ is a Metaverse platform that is about the world around you and visualizing that data in Augmented Reality, as well as a digital twin of the real-world combined with many created virtual worlds accessible in VR.

This creates many opportunities for businesses, brands, and venues with real-world digital twins for business and marketing, as well as an open-ended Metaverse for world creators and developers.

World One is based on the real-world and a global digital twin.

World Two is entirely digital with thousands of square kilometers of wide open terrain for our users and community to take ownership of and build upon.

Beyond that, Omniscape™ will be a framework for other virtual spaces and entire worlds from creators and third parties to connect to.

Omniscape™ Network and Partners