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Omniscape is the first platform for brands and content creators combining AR, VR, and Location. This is Ready Player One for the real world.

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We Monetize Augmented Reality

Experiential Marketing and Advertising

  • We go beyond novelty “scan and see” AR to deliver branded content and amazing experiences anywhere in the world.

  • Consumers discover, collect, and share branded 3d virtual goods, redeeming them for real-world products and special offers.

    Engage consumers in new ways that multiply reach, revenue, retention, and drive foot-traffic.

XR = [ ( AR + VR ) IoT ] * AI

-Robert’s XR Equation

Claim Locations for Revenue Share

Location is the new domain name! Claim locations and earn revenue share from paid content and advertising placed there.

This is the new digital gold rush. Stake your claims now!

Create and Publish

Easy to use tools for anyone to quickly create, share, and publish AR content at any location.

The First Location-based XR Platform Designed for Content, Commerce, and Community

We started by imagining the future and all of the amazing things that AR and VR have the potential to do. Then we worked backwards, creating a roadmap of how to get there, how everything fits together, and what pieces are missing in the industry today.

We realized that several key building blocks for the future are generally overlooked by the industry: commerce, content curation, privacy, security, and digital airspace rights management. Our mission to build a global-scale XR platform and cloud starts with location and commerce first, monetizing AR and VR for brands and businesses. 

How it works

Spatial Computing

Location is Everything

We are developing a global-scale XR platform and cloud,  blending Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, creating the cyberspace we have all imagined.

It all starts with location, which gives context and relevance to content, and it is the fundamental requirement for meaningful experiences.

Each of the elements below are key components of the XR ecosystem, maturing the industry beyond novelty “scan and see” implementations, and opening the door for new types of interaction, experiences, and commerce.

Spatial Marketing
& Intelligence

The full potential of AR is realized when it is contextual and relevant to the user and their location.

We make it easier for brands and businesses to reach consumers, and understand more about the world around us.

Spatial Intelligence is the new Business Intelligence.

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Virtual Goods

Commerce and monetization is a fundamental element to Omniscape.

Branded virtual goods are unique, each with its own inherent identity and properties, and can be placed anywhere for users to discover, collect, and ultimately redeem for real-world products and offers.

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Digital Airspace
& Location

From the ground up instead of cloud down, Omniscape is designed to be distributed, giving control to local managers and administrators at their location.

We are developing the platform to support privacy, security, access, and content management.

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AR and VR
Smart Cities

Data, information, and knowledge is everywhere. We tap into this to power spatially accurate data visualization and overlays, both in AR and the VR digital twin.

We bring smart cities to life.

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& Avatars

AI-Holograms (Artificial Life Intelligent Agents) are spatially aware in Omniscape, capable of navigating around your location, creating new opportunities for customer service, education, entertainment, and guides.

Each will have customized behaviors, personalities, and appearances.

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